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PeeBuddy : For The Girl On The Go

PeeBuddy : For The Girl On The Go

As any woman who has done road travel in India would agree, our country is still severely lacking in clean, hygienic restroom facilities. PeeBuddy is here to save the day!

My New Year Resolutions for 2018

My New Year Resolutions for 2018

Everyone’s making their new year resolutions now, and I’m no different. Here’s a look at what I resolve to do/change in 2018!

Festive Fitness

Festive Fitness

Merry Christmas, FitFam! I hope you all celebrate the day surrounded by love, joy, and good food. I certainly will be.

This post might be a tad late, but I’m hoping to help ease some of the stresses that the holiday season can bring, especially if you’re working to get fit. After all, you’re surrounded by rich food, you’re going to parties, meeting family… how on earth do you not undo a year’s worth of hard work in one week?

Read on for my tips on staying fit during the festive season.

What Can I Eat?

Umm… everything! This is literally what I’ve been eating the past few days while on vacation.

Staying Fit When On Vacation | What To Eat | The Bellyrina Diaries
[Image of fried fish courtesy yummraj(dot)com]

Yes, I’ve been eating dosas loaded with ghee, rich Christmas cakes, filter coffee, and tonnes of fried fish (not photographed because I was too busy gobbling them up before anyone else did, so I’ve used this image from Also Mysore pak and laddoos and other delectable Indian sweets were eaten, after several months of being sugar-free.

The key is moderation. Unless you’re disallowed from eating something because of medical/religious/any other such non-negotiable reasons, there’s no reason to deny yourself delicious holiday food. Have a slice or two of cake, a couple of pieces of chocolate… and don’t beat yourself up about it. In fact, even if you don’t eat in moderation and decide to binge a little, that’s okay! Enjoy the food, enjoy the vacation… a few days of eating what you enjoy will not undo a year of hard work. And while it’s important to stay fit, it’s just as important to cherish vacations, and moments you spend with loved ones.

How Do I Exercise While On Vacation?

This can be tricky, depending on what kind of vacation you’re on. If you’re doing a hotel/resort trip, you’re likely to have access to a great gym and/or pool. Sweat it out for 30-45 min everyday, or do a few laps — exercise sorted!

Stay Fit On Vacation | Gym At Hyatt Andaz Delhi | The Bellyrina Diaries
The gorgeous gym at the Hyatt Andaz, Delhi. Makes it easy to stay fit on vacation, eh?

If however, you’re going to be on the move, or at your family home, then you might want to plan ahead. Carry your running/workout shoes, for starters. A lot of times, just the fact that you’ve carried them creates a psychological trigger to use them. Head out for a jog/run, or roll out a yoga mat and do a quick HIIT or yoga routine. You can get a LOT done in 30 minutes, with no equipment.

Can’t do that either? Or forgot to carry your gear? No problem, baby! Grab a sturdy chair and do a series of tricep dips, pistol squats, leg raises… again, so much you can do with one piece of furniture. In fact, here’s a video to make it easier!

What about if you don’t manage to do any of these? Well, take a deep breath, sip on some mulled wine (or whatever your poison may be), and relax. Every day needn’t revolve around your fitness efforts, and it’s totally okay to just switch off and enjoy the holidays.

Things You Absolutely MUST Do!

  • Drink plenty of water — especially if you’re also sipping cocktails during the day.
  • Wear sunscreen. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.
  • Try the local cuisine.
  • Take plenty of pictures for you to cherish once the vacation is over.
  • Enjoy yourself.

Have a great vacation, my lovelies! Here’s wishing you love, health, and happiness, whatever those words may mean to you.

What Is DOMS?

What Is DOMS?

Ooh. Aaah. Ouch!
If this sounds like you the day after a workout, read on to learn about DOMS and how to manage it.

Music On The Move With The UltraProlink Pro-Fit+

Music On The Move With The UltraProlink Pro-Fit+

Tangled earphones ruining your workout? The UltraProlink Pro-Fit+ Wireless Earphones can solve that! I tried them, and here’s my review.

Bungee Workout Review : Bellyrina Tries BungFly!

Bungee Workout Review : Bellyrina Tries BungFly!

I never thought I’d ever I’d ever find myself tied to a bungee cord. I have a paralysing fear of heights, so bungee jumping is nowhere on my bucket list. But when Aastha Gulati of Dhurii invited me to try a session of BungFly, their all-new bungee workout, I was intrigued!

Dhurii is only the 6th place in the world to offer the bungee workout, and the very first in India! The workshop happened at Ben’s Body Studio in Indiranagar. I arrived to find the instructors tying long elastic cords to the beams in the roof, and immediately questioned my decision — I’m chicken like that.

The instructors (Supriya and Amrudesh) then helped me get into my harness, which is quite an interesting workout in itself! There’s a lot of straps and buckles and thingamabobs that need to be adjusted and fastened, before you’re ready to get started with the bungee workout. The thigh straps are also fitted with cushioning, to prevent the straps from cutting and chafing.

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Blog | The Bellyrina Diaries

My harness was then tied to one of the bungee cords suspended from the rafters. The fastening is adjusted based on each student’s height, so as to ensure optimal resistance. I had to climb onto a ladder at one point so that my fastening could be adjusted! And no, I’m not particularly tall, in case you were wondering. It’s just easier to take the participant to the bungee than the other way around.

We were then led through a quick series of moves to familiarise ourselves with our bungees, and warm up the cords (and our muscles!).

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Review | The Bellyrina Diaries

The above move was actually harder than it looks. While it’s essentially just ‘sitting’ down, it does take some getting used to. The combination of the bungee’s resistance and the feeling of floating really messes with your sense of balance in the beginning. This, of course, is the very essence of the bungee workout — it makes you activate your core and improve your balance.

Once we managed to get used to our harnesses and bungees — which admittedly, takes a lot of shifting and adjusting — we got started on the actual workout. Supriya led us through a series of squats, push-ups, lunges and yoga moves, all while suspended from our bungees.

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Review | The Bellyrina Diaries

Can you tell I’m dying?

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Review | The Bellyrina Diaries

Oh, and look what more she made us do!

That’s right. Pushups… with a clap… on a bungee.

Oh, but that’s not all! We also lunged…

… ran…

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Review | The Bellyrina Diaries

… and twisted!

BungFly Bungee Workout | Fitness Review | The Bellyrina Diaries

 Oh, and to wrap it all up, Supriya taught us to “fly”!

And then I crawled out, pink in the face and drenched in sweat.

So what’s my verdict? DO IT!

I workout a fair deal (as you know), and this workout was genuinely challenging for me. It’s a great mix of cardio, resistance, and strength, and your core will be on fire!

Things you need to remember:

  • Keep your water bottle close. The instructors can’t keep unfastening you every time you need a drink, so make sure your water bottle is within bungee radius.
  • The workout is barefoot, so don’t bother with the sneakers.
  • Make sure you adjust the thigh padding on the harness so that your inner thighs are protected. Else the straps can really cut and/or bruise you. For good measure, you could also wear bottom wear of slightly thicker fabric. I wore regular workout leggings, and I did get bruised a bit.
  • Ladies, tie your hair up. A braid or bun is advised, else your hair can get tangled up in your bungee cord, and that will hurt like all hell!
  • Trust. Your bungee, your instructor, and your body. Trust them, and you’re going to be fine!

If you’d like to sign up for Dhurii’s next BungFly workshop, you can call them at 98457 05241, email them at, or find them on Facebook.

Until the next new workout, my lovelies! <3

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My Diary

My Fitness Journey (So Far!) – Part 1

My Fitness Journey (So Far!) – Part 1

“How on earth did you put on so much weight? Aren’t you a dancer?”

“I thought dancers were supposed to be fit.”

“And they say belly dancing makes you lose weight lol.”

These are just a few of the many hurtful (some intentionally so, others not so much) comments that were directed at me over the past couple of years. As someone who has always struggled with weight issues and body image, I can tell you that they were all equally painful, intentional or not.

To give you a little background, I gained a tremendous amount of weight — 15 kilos — over the past couple of years, owing to health issues (which I am in the process of having remedied). Losing the weight has been an uphill battle, to say the least. Weight gain that’s associated with illness is also generally a lot more stubborn than the sort gained from overeating — hormones and stuff get involved, and it’s really tricky to battle those! And that, in itself, destroys the will to even try to get fitter. After all, if it takes 3 months of intense exercise and diet control to lose a glorious 400 grams, why bother, right?

Via Giphy

And that’s what I did for a very long time. Not bother. But thankfully, I have a family (specifically, a husband) that won’t let me simply feel sorry for myself, and instead pushed me to get back on track. And thus began my fitness journey.

I started cutting out all the junk food that I would hug close as I watched TV on the couch, and replaced it (not entirely, but for the most part) with fruit, nuts, and other considerably healthier options. I would head out for a walk every evening, getting a solid dose of fresh air and activity for about an hour. I would Google various home workouts and hop about each day, trying exercises I didn’t know existed.

My fitness journey needed me to make healthier snack choices
My fitness journey required that I make healthier snack choices

J (the husband) was often greeted by a sweaty, out-of-breath mess when he got home each evening. And while he wouldn’t hug me until I had showered (I really don’t blame him, I wouldn’t have hugged me either!), he was always cheering me on, telling me how proud he was that I was doing something to fix my fitness.

The problem, however, was keeping myself motivated. It’s a Herculean task to have to push yourself to workout, and yes, you’re bound to fail every now and again. I needed a buddy — someone who would make sure I stuck to my workouts, and didn’t fall off the wagon too easily.

And so, like I usually do, I took to Twitter (read more about how that happened in this post) to find me some workout buddies to join me on my fitness journey. And so, #TwitterGetsFitter was born!

The premise is simple — we keep each other motivated, and accountable. We were on this fitness journey together, and we were going to do everything we could to make sure nobody hopped off the bus!

And you know what? It works!

Not only has #TwitterGetsFitter changed my life, and the lives of 70+ other enthu cutlets, it has grown into a tribe. The WhatsApp group and email lists are forever buzzing with activity! People share their workout updates, talk about what they’re eating, and even share ideas for ‘reward meals’. And most importantly, we shared insecurities. We were all united in our quest for fitness, some of us by body image issues — and it didn’t matter. Here was a place with no judgment, no negativity, no bullying.

TwitterGetsFitter celebrates each other as we continue on our fitness journey
The group is always buzzing with energy, and cheering each other on

The movement saw far more traction and interest than I had ever imagined. What’s more, they didn’t want it to stop! While the initial plan was for everyone to get fit in time for New Year’s Eve, about 90% of the group requested that the program continue into 2017. And so it has! And I’m thrilled to report that enthusiasm levels haven’t waned. 🙂

Watch this space, as my fitness journey — and the fitness journey of over 80 other amazing people — continues! You can also catch everyday updates on my Twitter and Instagram.

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