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My Fitness Journey: How #TwitterGetsFitter Started

My Fitness Journey: How #TwitterGetsFitter Started

“How on earth did you put on so much weight? Aren’t you a dancer?” “I thought dancers were supposed to be fit.” “And they say belly dancing makes you lose weight lol.” These are just a few of the many hurtful (some intentionally so, others […]

My Fitness Journey (So Far!) – Part 1

My Fitness Journey (So Far!) – Part 1

My ongoing journey to get fitter, healthier, and stronger.

45 Days of Fitness!

45 Days of Fitness!

Ohmigod, we’re halfway through December already. Where did the year go?!

Not only have most of us begun to feel like we wasted most of the year, I’m pretty sure a lot of us (including myself) are currently feeling the “So much for my New Year’s resolutions” pinch. Like every year, about 98% of us solemnly resolved to get fitter and lose weight in 2016. How many of us have actually managed to do that?

*crickets chirping*

So here’s what I figured I would do. When I woke up on November 15th, it struck me that there were only 45 days left of the year. Just a month and half, and it would be 2017! And I, like many others, had let all her “fitness goals” just go from “I’ll start tomorrow” to “I’ll start Monday” to “I’ll start next week” — and well, here we are. This little moment of realisation was a major jhatka for me, and so I set out to find some workout buddies.

If you know me at all, you know Twitter is where I first look for… well, anything. Need a movie recommendation? Ask Twitter. Best friend being a b***h? Rant on Twitter. No plans on a Friday night? Stalk people on Twitter. Basically, Twitter is my coconut oil.

So off I went, and asked the Twitterverse for a workout buddy!

And Twitter did not disappoint!

The first members of the TwitterGetsFitter movement

Within minutes, I had a dozen friends sign up to join me on my fitness journey. And that was just the beginning! As of writing this post, the TwitterGetsFitter tribe is a group of SIXTY super enthusiastic, energetic, determined people. And I am blown away!

TwitterGetsFitter Official Logo

But wait — It got better.

The enthusiasm and energy of the group caught the attention of a few brands, and they were eager to support our mission of getting fitter and stronger before 2017. They wanted to be a part of this, and to cheer us on as we slogged towards our goals.

Ladies & gentlemen, I’m super excited to announce that the TwitterGetsFitter movement is now OFFICIALLY supported by Antifactory Clothing, and RAW Pressery, AND Fitbit! Aaaaaaahhh!


YES! I still can’t believe it!

The amazing guys at Fitbit, RAW Pressery, and Antifactory Clothing, have offered some awesome goodies to everyone who sticks with the program, and shows their dedication and determination towards getting healthier and stronger.

And if you check out the hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see how many people are going hardcore and being SO dedicated to this! It’s both overwhelming and humbling to witness, and I’m so proud of each and every one of them.

So if you aren’t part of this yet, it’s not too late! Head on over to my Twitter to learn how to get on board the TwitterGetsFitter train.

Of An Era Gone By

In a 21st century world, Shoma Kaikini is a sparkle of classical, old-world charm.



Mrigakshi J is teaching India to strut their stuff… in stilettos!

An Un-Belly-evable Workout

An Un-Belly-evable Workout

Much has been written, said and salivated about belly dance. Scant few have done it justice, or given it the respect it deserves.

What most people are blissfully unaware of is that belly dance originated centuries ago, not as a form of entertainment or seduction, but as a religious act. Temple priestesses performed the dance in worship of the Mother Goddess, Isis, for her blessings of health, fertility and prosperity.

Since its origin, belly dance has been used as a form of pre-natal and post-natal exercise. The gentle movements, hip tucks and muscle isolations help strengthen the core and pelvic muscles, thereby not only relieving the daily discomfort that most expectant mothers experience, but also easing the actual labor. It even accelerates the ante-natal healing process, and helps the new mother get back in shape after the delivery. The original recipe for a ‘Yummy Mummy’!

Belly dance is a great fitness routine

The fitness benefits of belly dance are many. An intensive yet low-impact cardio-vascular workout, a 90-min belly dance session can burn as many calories as the same duration of aerobics or Pilates, without risking injury to joints. With regular practice over time, the dancer’s body is infused with improved flexibility, stamina, and strength. International icons like Shakira, Beyoncé and Rihanna swear by belly dancing to keep their curves in the right places, and women across the globe are turning to this ancient art form for their fitness needs.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only the abdominal region that’s exercised. Belly dance works every part of the body, right from the calves to the shoulders and even the knuckles! Nandita Shetty, 25, has completed 4 levels of belly dance and can’t wait to learn more. “Belly dancing has been one of the best things to happen to me”, she says. “Apart from making you feel like a goddess, it’s a brilliant workout. It’ll help you find and beautifully express your inner sensuality… along with giving you killer toned calf muscles!”

On a more holistic level, belly dance isn’t just about knotting a coin-laden scarf around your hips and shaking about. It connects deeper. It unleashes a sensuality that most women not just lock away, but are sometimes even unaware of entirely. The muscle isolations can even help relieve menstrual cramps, and the gush of feel-good endorphins leaves the dancer aglow. As they dance and witness for themselves just what their bodies are capable of, they grow to accept and love their bodies. In the words of a student who believes belly dance has transformed her, “So what if I’m 3 times Cameron Diaz’s size? I’d like to see her do what I can!”

And best of all, there’s no age limit to belly dance. Sybil D’Souza, 72, is an ardent fan of belly dancing, and the oldest and most enthusiastic student at Bellyrina Dance Academy. Says she, “I always wanted to learn the art when I was younger, but never got the chance. Now that I’ve finally joined a class, I’m in love. It has me feeling like a girl of 17 again!” On the other end of the age spectrum is Ria, 6, who “loves showing my friends all the moves I learn. I especially love to shimmy and hear all the coins in my scarf jingle”.

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