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Ode To The Portable Bidet

Ode To The Portable Bidet

For Indians (and most Asians) travelling abroad, the lack of a jet spray for toilet hygiene can be a “bummer”. A portable bidet is the travel accessory you need!

Old Town Hostel, Kotor : The Place To Be!

Old Town Hostel, Kotor : The Place To Be!

I recently spent a glorious 3 weeks in Serbia and Montenegro. While we stayed in multiple hostels, my favourite was the Old Town Hostel, Kotor. Here’s why!

Getting Fitter With Aaptiv

Getting Fitter With Aaptiv

Working to get fitter means always looking for something new to try, or to help boost your workout. In this era of smartphones and limited free time, that often means hunting for a good app that will guide you through workouts. Lucky for me, I discovered Aaptiv, a fitness app that features audio guides for everything from running to yoga and HIIT routines.

Aaptiv Fitness App | Workout App Review | Indian Fitness Blog

Aaptiv calls their offering “trainer-led, music-driven audio workouts”. Frankly, that very accurately and concisely describes their product. With dozens of workout and training programs in multiple categories, the app works by tailoring a routine to your needs, goals, and current fitness levels. At the time of writing this, Aaptiv offered 12 different categories of workouts, including but not limited to, outdoor running, yoga, meditation, and stretching.

Aaptiv Fitness App | Workout App Review | Indian Fitness Blog

The Aaptiv app is available on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store, and can be downloaded for free. While training programs are paid features, they offer a free 30-day trial upon sign-up.

Once you’ve signed up, the fitness app takes you through a short questionnaire to ascertain your current fitness levels, your goals, workout preferences, and the amount of time you can commit to workouts.  Based on your responses, it assigns you a training program that it recommends.

Now, most fitness app workouts and tutorials you find online are visual-based — meaning, the tutorials are in the form of videos. This can be tricky, because well, you can’t exactly keep your eyes on a screen AND maintain proper form throughout. Not to mention, it’s not exactly practical to try and watch a running tutorial while you’re running!

That’s where Aaptiv offers something a little better. By designing workouts that are purely audio, the fitness app allows you to follow along to a guided routine, without having to worry about keeping your eye on a TV or laptop screen.

I’ve got to admit, I was a little sceptical when I first started out. While the whole “don’t have to stare at a screen” angle was definitely appealing, I did wonder whether that would make proper form difficult. I mean, if I have no visual cue to follow, how can I ensure I’m doing it right?

Well clearly, Aaptiv thought of that. Every routine’s vocal cues were clear and precise, detailing every movement from limb position to spine extension, and even breath regulation. I must say, their coaches do it brilliantly!

Speaking of coaches, they have a whole army of them. To make picking your coach(es) easier, they’ve very thoughtfully categorised them not only by workout, but also by coaching style.

My workout routines were mainly a mix of bodyweight HIIT, yoga, and flexibility training. The app also sends you little reminders when it’s time to workout, and cheers you on as you progress along your recommended training plan.

Would I recommend Aaptiv to those looking for a fitness app? Absolutely! I will mention, however, that audio-only training can take some getting used to, and some users may not enjoy it as much as video-based tutorials. But my unbiased opinion is that Aaptiv can be a great source of workouts, as well as coaching to help you improve and progress in your training.

You can download the app now for Android and iOS.

Gym vs Home Workouts: Which One Should You Do?

Gym vs Home Workouts: Which One Should You Do?

Early in the movement though, I started hearing the question “Gym vs home workouts — which one’s better?” More than a year on, and I’m still asked that question fairly often. Well, here’s my opinion…

My Journey With Endometriosis

My Journey With Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects more women than we realise. Far too often, it goes undiagnosed. I myself went undiagnosed for nearly 15 years, until I found the doctor who changed my life. Here’s my story.

Drink Clean With The nkd Pod+ Water Bottle

Drink Clean With The nkd Pod+ Water Bottle

Fitness isn’t just about exercise and external health. A great deal of true fitness is what you put in your body. Good food and clean water play a massive role in determining your overall health. But ensuring that the water you drink is clean and pure isn’t always easy. Most of us resort to buying bottled water when we eat out or travel, but all that does is cost a lot of money. What’s worse, it adds to the planet’s already staggering piles of plastic waste! Which is why I’m currently in love with the nkd Pod+ water bottle.

nod Life Pod Water Bottle | Fitness Blog | The Bellyrina Diaries

The product if a UK-based startup, this very cool, very stylish water bottle is a lot more than just a pretty face. With an inbuilt filter and purifier, it can literally turn any water into drinking water. The brand claims that water from sources like lakes, rivers, ponds, muddy puddles, etc. — anything but sea water — can all be used. The output is clean water that’s absolutely safe to drink.

As cool as this sounds, I was obviously curious. I wanted to know how exactly the nkd Pod+ purifies water on-the-go.

nkd Life Pod Water Filter | Indian Fitness Blog | The Bellyrina Diaries

Let’s talk about the magic filter in the nkd Pod+. The filter screws right into the lid of the bottle, and purifies water as you drink it. Its patent-pending anti-bacteria technology filters up to 99.9% of all contaminants — that includes bacteria, viruses, cysts, heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. The filter also contains a layer of pure activated coconut carbon, which improves taste while removing odour and chlorine. Even better, the filter also gently alkalises and ionises the water, while increasing antioxidant content.

Sceptical? Well, what if I told you that the nkd Pod+ uses space-age technology? Literally! The technology used in these water bottles is the same used by the NASA space programme. That’s interplanetary-level purity, guys!

nkd Life Pod | Space-age water purification | The Bellyrina Diaries

Well, that’s all cool. But what about actually using it?

I’ve been using this water bottle for 2 weeks now, so I can give you an honest review on how it works and feels to use. To be fair, I haven’t used water from sources like puddles and ponds, but I did use tap water, and it seems to work really well. There was none of the weird metallic taste that tap water usually has, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

For starters, I’m going to address the size and shape of it. The styling is sleek and compact, and it fits well in my handbag. The nkd Pod+ has a capacity of 585ml, which is reasonable. But if like me, you drink a lot of water, you’re going to need to refill that often. The filter itself lasts for 300 uses, post which it will need to be replaced.

It’s perfectly leakproof, which is a major bonus for me. I commute a lot, and have had far too many instances of my water bottle leaking into my bag. This one has stayed watertight, not a drop out of place.

nkd Life Pod+ Leakproof | Indian Fitness Blog | The Bellyrina Diaries

Using the bottle is simple enough. You fill the water, screw the filter closed, and snap the lid shut. The lid has a lock feature which allows you to prevent it from popping open accidentally. Sliding the lock downwards and pressing it pops the lid open.

Drinking from it is a little different from your regular water bottle or sports bottle. While the mouth of the bottle is similar to most sports ones, the filter does slow down the flow of water a bit. It needs a bit of suction to pull the water through the filter, so prepare to strengthen those jaw muscles!

Drinking from nkd Life Pod water bottle | The Bellyrina Diaries

On the whole, I think this is a fantastic water bottle to have. You’re guaranteed clean drinking water wherever you go, AND you’re helping to reduce plastic waste across the planet.

The nkd Pod+ water bottle comes in 6 lovely colours, and is now available in India on Amazon, Flipkart, and Croma. The retail price is INR 2,499 for the bottle (filter included), and INR 999 for replacement filters. Order yours now:

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