Bitter To Fitter

Bitter To Fitter
This post was authored by Protima Tiwary, and originally appeared on TwitterGetsFitter.

“You don’t need to go to the gym, you’re so thin already!”
“Gain some weight, which boy will like such a stick?”
“You need to lose some weight if you want to get married”

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. It’s because of these ideologies that we are made to believe in that we feel the need to be a size that is acceptable by society.
“I’m getting married, please help me lose weight.”
“I need to be as thin as my bestie, everyone keeps comparing me to her.”
“My brother is buff, I need to be like him.”
“Healthy” looks different on every body. The day you realise it, you’ll set goals for yourself and exercise for your own satisfaction and happiness. But wait a minute; this body shaming isn’t the point of this post. I, along with the gorgeous BombayBellyrina, am here to point out a new trend on the internet today: fit shaming.
There are people out there who hate fit people.

Yes, you read that right. There are people on the internet who will make you feel guilty for being fit.
How does that work? We’re still trying to figure it out.
Do they hate fit people for being excited about a workout? Or do they hate the fact that fit people have more energy and vitality to deal with the problems life throws at them? Or is it the fact that healthy people have more energy to enjoy the good things in life that brings out the hatred in them? Or is it because they can’t stand fit people posting inspiring pictures of their workouts and selfies on Instagram? Or do these trolls hate fit people for going on gym dates and goofing around during a hardcore workout sesh? We don’t know, I don’t think we ever will.
But what we do know is that there is a way to work around the emotional turmoil that comes along with all this trolling (yes, a simple, stupid comment like “your music and movements are not in sync” tend to affect us) While we don’t go around wallowing in sadness because of these hate comments by absolute randos, we do tend to get wary of being online. It takes a few days to come out of this space, where all you can think of is “but… what if this isn’t right?”
Listen up people, post what you want to, work out, share it with everyone if it makes you feel better. You never know who might be inspired.
Do not confuse this trolling with harmless commenting or constructive criticism. There are people out there who will encourage you by pointing out a slight mistake here and there, don’t hate on them. That’s the best part about the fitness community, everyone is here to help each other without being judgemental. It’s the ones who make you feel worthless who deserve to be shut down. Use the block button if it annoys you too much, that is the beauty of the internet ☺
Another great idea that BombayBellyrina came up with was something that would make the haters burn more than what they already do: every time someone hates on you for being fit, do a set of 50 squats. Or 30 push-ups. Or 50 crunches. Take your pick. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Why spend time sitting on your sorry ass, if you can squat and make it pop?

Let’s get together and make #BitterToFitter a thing. Let’s get closer to that goal, with a big fat MUAH to our haters <3

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