Festive Fitness

Festive Fitness

Merry Christmas, FitFam! I hope you all celebrate the day surrounded by love, joy, and good food. I certainly will be.

This post might be a tad late, but I’m hoping to help ease some of the stresses that the holiday season can bring, especially if you’re working to get fit. After all, you’re surrounded by rich food, you’re going to parties, meeting family… how on earth do you not undo a year’s worth of hard work in one week?

Read on for my tips on staying fit during the festive season.

What Can I Eat?

Umm… everything! This is literally what I’ve been eating the past few days while on vacation.

Staying Fit When On Vacation | What To Eat | The Bellyrina Diaries
[Image of fried fish courtesy yummraj(dot)com]

Yes, I’ve been eating dosas loaded with ghee, rich Christmas cakes, filter coffee, and tonnes of fried fish (not photographed because I was too busy gobbling them up before anyone else did, so I’ve used this image from yummraj.com). Also Mysore pak and laddoos and other delectable Indian sweets were eaten, after several months of being sugar-free.

The key is moderation. Unless you’re disallowed from eating something because of medical/religious/any other such non-negotiable reasons, there’s no reason to deny yourself delicious holiday food. Have a slice or two of cake, a couple of pieces of chocolate… and don’t beat yourself up about it. In fact, even if you don’t eat in moderation and decide to binge a little, that’s okay! Enjoy the food, enjoy the vacation… a few days of eating what you enjoy will not undo a year of hard work. And while it’s important to stay fit, it’s just as important to cherish vacations, and moments you spend with loved ones.

How Do I Exercise While On Vacation?

This can be tricky, depending on what kind of vacation you’re on. If you’re doing a hotel/resort trip, you’re likely to have access to a great gym and/or pool. Sweat it out for 30-45 min everyday, or do a few laps — exercise sorted!

Stay Fit On Vacation | Gym At Hyatt Andaz Delhi | The Bellyrina Diaries
The gorgeous gym at the Hyatt Andaz, Delhi. Makes it easy to stay fit on vacation, eh?

If however, you’re going to be on the move, or at your family home, then you might want to plan ahead. Carry your running/workout shoes, for starters. A lot of times, just the fact that you’ve carried them creates a psychological trigger to use them. Head out for a jog/run, or roll out a yoga mat and do a quick HIIT or yoga routine. You can get a LOT done in 30 minutes, with no equipment.

Can’t do that either? Or forgot to carry your gear? No problem, baby! Grab a sturdy chair and do a series of tricep dips, pistol squats, leg raises… again, so much you can do with one piece of furniture. In fact, here’s a video to make it easier!

What about if you don’t manage to do any of these? Well, take a deep breath, sip on some mulled wine (or whatever your poison may be), and relax. Every day needn’t revolve around your fitness efforts, and it’s totally okay to just switch off and enjoy the holidays.

Things You Absolutely MUST Do!

  • Drink plenty of water — especially if you’re also sipping cocktails during the day.
  • Wear sunscreen. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.
  • Try the local cuisine.
  • Take plenty of pictures for you to cherish once the vacation is over.
  • Enjoy yourself.

Have a great vacation, my lovelies! Here’s wishing you love, health, and happiness, whatever those words may mean to you.

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