My New Year Resolutions for 2018

My New Year Resolutions for 2018

I’ve always been someone who believed that New Year Resolutions were made to be broken. To be fair, most people I know (or hear of) have usually broken their resolutions within the first fortnight of the year, if not sooner. Are we fooling ourselves into believing that a new revolution around the sun actually changes deeply ingrained habits in ourselves?

Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. But I’d like to believe that no matter what the motivation, we are capable of making huge changes in our lives, just by putting our minds to it. And so I too, have put together my list of new year resolutions for 2018.

I resolve to try to be neater

Be Less Messy | New Year Resolutions | The Bellyrina Diaries

Confession time: I’m a Messy Bessie. On any given day, my wardrobe looks like a tiny hurricane swept through it, and there’s usually a pile of clothes on one (or more) chairs, that I haven’t gotten around to folding yet. To be clear, I’m not dirty — far from it! But I’m miserably unorganised, and yes, very untidy. So topping my list of new year resolutions, is to attempt to be a little more organised, and a lot neater.

I resolve to try to eat smarter

Not less, not more. Just smarter. Over the past year of running TwitterGetsFitter, I’ve managed to gain a fair deal of knowledge about nutrition, and I’m going to try to implement all of that to improve my own eating habits. I have a horrible habit of eating fairly healthy through the week, and then bingeing on a tonne of sugar over the weekend. And while I’m not someone who would ever want to be obsessive about what she eats, I do know I can do better.

Eat Smarter | New Year Resolutions | The Bellyrina Diaries

So next on my list of new year resolutions, is to work on finding my own balance as far as food is concerned.

I resolve to treat myself better

As most of us tend to be, I’m really hard on myself. I hold myself to near-impossible standards, and find it incredibly hard to forgive myself for not meeting them. From deadlines to bad hair days, I obsess over things far more than is healthy. I mean, I literally stay up nights stressed about whether a video I share was shot well enough, or whether my TwitterGetsFitter participants are enjoying the program and the content. Gah!

This year, I’m going to try and cut myself some slack. I think I deserve it.

I resolve to try at least two new workouts this year

In 2017, I tried kalaripayattu and the bungee workout, and they both blew my mind! Starting both was admittedly a little scary, and I didn’t know what to expect. But both these routines challenged my body in new and unique ways, and I fell in love with them. So yet another one on my list of new year resolutions, is to try (at least) two new workout routines in 2018. And if I can’t find them, well, I’ll just have to design something myself!

BungFly Bungee Workout | New Year Resolutions | The Bellyrina Diaries

I resolve to be the best trainer and coach I can be

My TwitterGetsFitter tribe is such a huge part of my life now, and I want to make sure I do all I can to make them proud. And so rounding up my list of new year resolutions, is to do my best to provide them with the best information, motivation, and guidance that I possibly can, and to never let them down.

And there’s my resolutions for 2018. Have you made any? Tell me what they are in the comments! 😀

Happy New Year, my lovelies. May this year bring you everything you deserve, and more!

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