Ode To The Portable Bidet

Ode To The Portable Bidet

There are a few things every Indian who travels abroad can relate to. For starters, the lack of spice in most foreign food can be bothersome to many. But more importantly — They. Only. Use. Paper. I mean, the whole paper vs water debate is one that has been burning for years now, and I swear I don’t see any merit to the paper argument. But well, it is what it is, and especially if you’re travelling to Europe or America, you’re pretty much guaranteed no jet sprays (or even buckets and mugs!) in your bathroom. So do you sit back and just give in to the paper propaganda? HELL, NO! You get yourself what is undoubtedly the most valuable travel accessory ever created — a portable bidet.

What is a portable bidet, you ask? Well quite simply, it’s a delightful little contraption that allows you the luxury of a bum spray wherever you go.


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I’ve had this beauty for 3 years now, and it is by far the most dependable and vital travel accessory I own. My passport, wallet, and one of these, and I could take on the world! I bought this in 2015 before my first trip to the States, on a friend’s recommendation. Hell, we ordered 5 of them, one for each member of the family. And to date, the family loves this friend (despite never having met him!) solely because of how the portable bidet changed our travel.

Using a portable bidet is fairly straightforward — you tank it up with water from the wash basin before heading to the toilet, and then use it to clean up once you’re done. Easy peasy, gently squeezy.

The bidet is also very convenient to carry around, which is a boon, particularly for women travellers. The nozzle fits into the main bottle, both of which sit comfortably in the discreet carry pouch provided. The pouch is also mildly waterproof, to prevent slight dampness from wrecking anything in your handbag. And yes, it fits in your handbag!

I say it’s especially handy for women because unlike men, we ALWAYS need to wash up. Even after we pee. And don’t even get me started on when we’re on our period! In fact, it’s also a handy way to be able to rinse out menstrual cups (for those of you who have made the switch to silicone).

So when should you carry a portable bidet? My vote is ANYTIME you travel. Even on long flights. It makes toilet hygiene so ridiculously convenient, that I would recommend that women just always have it in their handbag. Okay, that might be a tad excessive when you’re in India. But when travelling internationally? Definitely carry this everywhere.

I got mine from Amazon, and you can order by clicking on this link. Thank me later. And you will thank me!

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